Ben Morrison

Glenn Dale Azalea

This is a great bi-color azalea which can look especially good against an older brick wall or great with evergreens.  The colors are sometimes described as scarlet and white.  It can reach 4-6 feet, though, and has an upright habit, so plant it where it will have space to grow.

Ben Morrison was the former Chief of the Plant Introduction Section and Director of the National Arboretum, United States Department of Agriculture. Glenn Dale, Maryland, is the location of that facility.  Used to live in Glenn Dale, myself.

The Glenn Dale hybrids were developed with several objectives:

  • Flowers are large and as varied as the southern Indian Hybrids
  • Cold hardy in zones 6b to 9a
  • Providing flowers from mid-April to mid-June
Link to the Azalea Collection at the National Arboretum