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That doesn't mean we can't grow azaleas.

We just have a lighthearted approach to life.

Here are the Top Ten Questions we've received since this Web page was picked up by the search engines.

How can I grow azaleas in Idaho/northern Minnesota/Alaska/Nevada? It's cold here.

The real issue is keeping the roots protected. With most azaleas and rhododendrons, the roots actually suffer more damage than the branches when temperatures drop well below freezing, say at about 20-25 degrees F. If you want to put potted azaleas out on your patio but you still have a chance of a few cold nights in May, layer some mulch over the soil as extra protection for the roots.

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How can I grow azaleas in the sunshine in Texas? It's hot here.

If you buy from a grocery store, is it considered only a house plant, or in the spring can you plant it outside? Or is it best to buy it from a nursery for outdoors. How do you keep it alive in an office or at home?

I planted an azalea. (Or, somebody else planted an azalea twenty years ago.) Can I move it?

Here's a picture of the azaleas in my yard. They are pink. What is the exact name of this type of azalea? I want to get ten more exactly like it.

Azaleas are a shade plant, right? Will it kill mine if I plant it in a sunny place?

I asked that stupid guy at the garden center for some azaleas that would do well around here, and he said azaleas don't grow well here and I ought to buy lilacs. Tell me some azaleas that would grow well here in .............

My azaleas keep dying. What's wrong with them?

My azaleas are too big. They grow like crazy around here. How can I make them stay the size I want?

I planted a row of twelve azaleas, same kind. Three of them are dead, and I can't remember what they were. Tell me what to do about it.

Last updated June, 2000