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Welcome to the Laytonsville Historical Center Library

The seed of the Laytonsville Historical Center was planted by Laura Turner, principal of Laytonsville Elementary School, in 1990 when she reserved a room in the newly renovated school as the Archives Room. Located in this 10' x 12' room were early school photos, antique school furniture, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, yearbooks, commemorative plaques, family histories, and an original Laytonsville Post Office desk. In 1996-7 the Archives Room was incorporated as the Laytonsville Historical Center. These accomplishments sparked interest in establishing a permanent historic center.

Meanwhile, the Town of Laytonsville purchased and renovated the William Bell House to become the Town Hall. After much discussion, planning, and assistance from Mayor Charles White and the Town Council, permission was granted to move the Historical Center to a large upstairs room in the Town Hall. The move was accomplished in August, 2002.

The Center has continued to grow, and we are indebted to those who saw the importance of preserving the unique history of Laytonsville. The Laytonsville Historical Center collections are currently being archived through a grant from the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Grant Fund, which is administered by the HPC and the Montgomery County Planning Board of the M-NPPC.

This information was excerpted from an article by Laura Turner.

Laytonsville Historical Center, P.O. Box 5158, Laytonsville, MD 20882   HistoricLaytonsville@gmail.com