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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
2009.4.13 Print, Photographic Laytonsville's First Fire Engine -- a 1930 Brockway Pumper      
2009.FIC.25 Print, Photographic Laytonsville Firehouse Destroyed by Fire Mervis, Ed 4400 Emden St Silver Spring, MD 02/04/1965
2009.FIC.27 Print, Photographic Aftermath of Fire     2/4/1965
2009.FIC.28 Print, Photographic Aftermath of Fire     2/4/1965
2009.FIC.29 Print, Photographic Silenced Bell     1966
2009.FIC.30 Print, Photographic Architectural Drawing LDVFD 1965     1966
2009.FIC.31 Print, Photographic Drawing LDVFD firehouse     1965

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