Captain Thomas S. McGowan, Patapsco Guard

Thomas Mcgowan's father, James McGowan, owned the railroad hotel in Ellicott City across the street from the railroad station.  His mother, Eliza, was born in Maryland, but Thomas, his brother, and his three sisters were all born in Pennsylvania, according to 1860 census records.

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Captain McGowan died August 7, 1872.  His tombstone in Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, PA, Section A, gives his age as 38-4-11.

The newspaper account of his funeral mentions that he had been stationed in York during the war.  His death was sudden.  He had returned from travel the previous Saturday, and he was sitting on his front porch in the evening before his demise.

The funeral was attended by the York Zouaves and Continental Rifles.

His widow's papers indicate that they were married January 7, 1864, by Chaplain J. W. Jackson at Harrisburg.  She was living in Chicago when the papers were filed.